Friday, September 30, 2011


Has it really been almost a week since I blogged??? I was doing so good! Needless to say I've been crazy busy this week. My nasty co-worker is out for 6 weeks for a hysterectomy (They should consider just sewing her vag shut) so I've been doing double duty at work. So, no blogging at work. Here's what you missed.

Saturday- I did end up going to see ShyGuy and honestly, I had a great time. He cooked a delicious dinner (who knew he had that in him?!), we watched Zombieland (my fave) and Family Guy (his fave) and laughed like best friends instead of people who occassionally sleep together. He really is a great guy. Who ever ends up with that one will be lucky. He's adorable. Yes, we got a little naughty after demolishing 18 beers between us but oh well. We could've easily not and had the same amount of fun. Weird, huh?

Sunday-Friday- I haven't done shit. I've relaxed after work and watched all my shows. I haven't walked a single day this week and I do regret that. The A/C was broken at work for the first half of the week and I just couldn't make myself go home and get hot after being hot all day. Oh well. It's cool here finally and my walking/alone time will resume TODAY!

I've been so busy this week that I'm not even going to set weekend goals for myself other than working on thank you notes. The hubs has a work softball tournament Saturday that I plan to attend only for a short while, then my favorite ex-bf and I are going to smoke and walk around in the woods. (There's a track, it's not that creepy) He's been such a dear this week helping with a project that I had a deadline for. A girl just couldn't ask for a better ex! haha!

Let the 5 o'clock countdown begin!
T-5.5 hours and counting!

Love and exes,

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