Monday, September 19, 2011

MK and A ♥

These precious little nuggets make my heart sing. I'm obsessed, I know! This isn't the first Olsen pic I'll post and it won't be the last. There just isn't anyone more stylish than MK and A, and now there's a third Olsen sister making waves! I don't see myself ever loving her as much as her big sisters (we've just been together longer, we we're tight even when they were Michelle), but she is absolutely adorable and well on her way to being a trendsetter too. She's a full size version of a fun size candy bar! I can't wait to see Martha Marcy May Marlene and find out if she's as talented as she is fashionable. 

How cute is this pic? It makes me want to have sisters. Well, technically I do have sisters but they are old and estranged and just not at all like this.

(photo credit: Pinterest)

Love and all things Olsen,

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