Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot and Bothered

Required Listening:
Underwear- Royal Republic (It's been stuck in my head for days!)

It's the freaking weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun! Maybe I should've made R. Kelly's, Remix to Ignition, today's song. It certainly brings back lots of memories of back home! Particularly, weekend nights during high school. Which brings me to my next point, I dreamed about HomeTown all night last night. Sexually frustrating dreams at that! It went something like this:

We're at a house party with all our high school friends. No one knows we've slept together so we are basically trying to avoid each other but then we can't stand it and decide to sneak away together. At this point every possible thing goes wrong. The ConcertBestie was there and was crying for some reason. So I'm trying to help her and get her back to her house, we run into all kinds of problems. Finally I get all that settled and go to meet him. We're finally together, clothes are flying off, and then something happens and he has to get up.

Then I wake up, fall back asleep and a new version of that same dream happens again. I repeated this cycle all night long. What does this mean? I do desire to sleep with him again but I also feel like that would be letting him win for somehow. Who knows. Maybe I should just go hang out with him for a bit and see how things go. See what he has to say about how things went and ended before. We do always have the hottest sex when we've had some falling out and then make up. It's so amazing that the last time we talked we joked about how we needed to fight and hate each other so we have a reason to make up and have crazy, hair pulling sex on pretty much every surface in his house. (True story, we humped on the kitchen counter, both beds, shower and bathroom counter all in one go once. I do love that he's strong and just picks me up and moves me around) OOOH! Another lightbulb moment! (Man I'm getting a lot of these lately!) I shall go to his house after work one day and hang out. I will only drink beer and chit chat and no more. Well, maybe a little kissing and wandering hands but then I will make myself leave and see if I desire him so much that I must come back for the whole shebang another day. Or at least I can try!! Haha!

In other news, the boss lady is out today so I can relax and pretty much play on the internet all day. I'm going to try not to shop too much! The air conditioner is out and it's a little warm. I'm hoping they send us home early while they replace the unit but I probably won't get that lucky!

I'm wearing the new suede booties to work today with a black tunic and skinnies. It was hard to keep it simple and appropriate and still work the shoes but I was successful. On the way to work, though, it started raining. Rain on my new suede shoes??? Hell no mother nature! You're not ruining these! So I did what every resourceful fashionista would do. I wrapped my feet in plastic grocery bags and walked into work like I was working a Milan runway. Eat that one bitches! I look smoking hot AND I'm shameless!!

Happy Friday!

Love and dry suede,

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