Wednesday, September 21, 2011

List # 2 Double Feature

I'm feeling a little too lazy (stoned) today to be creative and make my own list, so I'm "stealing" some list ideas from SoulPancake. (Go there to check out my favorite section, Life's Little Lists) Seriously. None of this was me. It was all them. Honestly, I will probably "cheat off their test" many times because they're so darned fantastic and damn I do love a list! Rainn Wilson is a complete genius and the website is such a clever idea. It will definitely freshen up your outlook on life. You all know how tightly I like to keep a grip on my hidden identity (like a nun with her virginity) so that's why I'll be posting my lists on my blog. Thank you very much and with further ado I give you


1. My husband does all the laundry.

2.  I can command a milkshake at any given
 moment and my devoted husband will make one.

3. I hate eggs and mayonnaise so my father in law goes out of his
 way to not cook with them, even though I think certain
meals would be better with them. He also chops up my salad.
They're a strange group of people.

4. I like to drink out of one certain glass when I am at my
parents house so they always make sure it's
clean before I get there. I sometimes wonder if they even use it at all.


1. Birds chirping- I don't own bird feeders. We don't have lots of trees and
I've even gone so far as to buy a dummy owl to scare chirpy little birds away

2. Whistling- In fact I hate this so much
 that even writing it is pissing me off.

3. The toilet running- Is it really that hard to
remember to jiggle the handle people??

4. A cat gagging- Hairballs are the one
 drawback to owning a cat.

Okay, those are a lot less entertaining that I expected. Oh well. Enjoy them anyway!

Love and Rainn,

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