Friday, September 30, 2011


Has it really been almost a week since I blogged??? I was doing so good! Needless to say I've been crazy busy this week. My nasty co-worker is out for 6 weeks for a hysterectomy (They should consider just sewing her vag shut) so I've been doing double duty at work. So, no blogging at work. Here's what you missed.

Saturday- I did end up going to see ShyGuy and honestly, I had a great time. He cooked a delicious dinner (who knew he had that in him?!), we watched Zombieland (my fave) and Family Guy (his fave) and laughed like best friends instead of people who occassionally sleep together. He really is a great guy. Who ever ends up with that one will be lucky. He's adorable. Yes, we got a little naughty after demolishing 18 beers between us but oh well. We could've easily not and had the same amount of fun. Weird, huh?

Sunday-Friday- I haven't done shit. I've relaxed after work and watched all my shows. I haven't walked a single day this week and I do regret that. The A/C was broken at work for the first half of the week and I just couldn't make myself go home and get hot after being hot all day. Oh well. It's cool here finally and my walking/alone time will resume TODAY!

I've been so busy this week that I'm not even going to set weekend goals for myself other than working on thank you notes. The hubs has a work softball tournament Saturday that I plan to attend only for a short while, then my favorite ex-bf and I are going to smoke and walk around in the woods. (There's a track, it's not that creepy) He's been such a dear this week helping with a project that I had a deadline for. A girl just couldn't ask for a better ex! haha!

Let the 5 o'clock countdown begin!
T-5.5 hours and counting!

Love and exes,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday/Sad Today.

I need a secret hideaway tucked deep in the unknown for days like today. My husband is being a jack ass and I have no where to hide except for the spare bedroom. I'm fine sitting in there, really, it's just the concept of it. I shouldn't have to hide in my own home. That's part of the problem too, though. I don't feel like this is my home. He had the house before we got together so I had no say in what or where I live. I miss my independence. I'm practically grieving for it today. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

So I guess the plan for the day is to avoid him, go to Sephora and Target, exercise and possibly go see ShyGuy for the night. Ugh, I'm in such a foul mood that even those fantastic things sound horrible. :(

On the plus side, I have fabulous new green glitter nail polish on and I love it!

Call You Later 

Sinful Colors is my favorite polish line. It's by far the best you can get for $2.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend more than I am so far!

Love and Hideaways,

Le Bunny Bleu

It's rare that I buy any fancy shoes that aren't high heels. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of flats, they just tend  to be more functional that fancy. Le Bunny Bleu has changed my mind. How freaking adorable are these? I want every pair on the website! They are hyper feminine and so chic!

These remind me of the gorgeous costumes from Marie Antoinette.

Ooooh shiny!

I have such a soft spot for bunnies.

These would go great with the menswear inspired clothing that's popular right now.

The best part is how affordable this line is! Check out their online store Here or their blog Here to get your own pair!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot and Bothered

Required Listening:
Underwear- Royal Republic (It's been stuck in my head for days!)

It's the freaking weekend baby, I'm about to have me some fun! Maybe I should've made R. Kelly's, Remix to Ignition, today's song. It certainly brings back lots of memories of back home! Particularly, weekend nights during high school. Which brings me to my next point, I dreamed about HomeTown all night last night. Sexually frustrating dreams at that! It went something like this:

We're at a house party with all our high school friends. No one knows we've slept together so we are basically trying to avoid each other but then we can't stand it and decide to sneak away together. At this point every possible thing goes wrong. The ConcertBestie was there and was crying for some reason. So I'm trying to help her and get her back to her house, we run into all kinds of problems. Finally I get all that settled and go to meet him. We're finally together, clothes are flying off, and then something happens and he has to get up.

Then I wake up, fall back asleep and a new version of that same dream happens again. I repeated this cycle all night long. What does this mean? I do desire to sleep with him again but I also feel like that would be letting him win for somehow. Who knows. Maybe I should just go hang out with him for a bit and see how things go. See what he has to say about how things went and ended before. We do always have the hottest sex when we've had some falling out and then make up. It's so amazing that the last time we talked we joked about how we needed to fight and hate each other so we have a reason to make up and have crazy, hair pulling sex on pretty much every surface in his house. (True story, we humped on the kitchen counter, both beds, shower and bathroom counter all in one go once. I do love that he's strong and just picks me up and moves me around) OOOH! Another lightbulb moment! (Man I'm getting a lot of these lately!) I shall go to his house after work one day and hang out. I will only drink beer and chit chat and no more. Well, maybe a little kissing and wandering hands but then I will make myself leave and see if I desire him so much that I must come back for the whole shebang another day. Or at least I can try!! Haha!

In other news, the boss lady is out today so I can relax and pretty much play on the internet all day. I'm going to try not to shop too much! The air conditioner is out and it's a little warm. I'm hoping they send us home early while they replace the unit but I probably won't get that lucky!

I'm wearing the new suede booties to work today with a black tunic and skinnies. It was hard to keep it simple and appropriate and still work the shoes but I was successful. On the way to work, though, it started raining. Rain on my new suede shoes??? Hell no mother nature! You're not ruining these! So I did what every resourceful fashionista would do. I wrapped my feet in plastic grocery bags and walked into work like I was working a Milan runway. Eat that one bitches! I look smoking hot AND I'm shameless!!

Happy Friday!

Love and dry suede,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leaping Lizards, Batman!

UPDATE: I caved and bought both dresses. Come on, my NYC trip is coming up, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, I'll totally wear them both.

Studio Dress with Cape by Zara

How chic and fabulous is this dress? It's understated, elegant and stunning all at the same time. My credit card is burning a hole in my pocket while I'm trying to decide if I should purchase this or not.

Love and tough decisions,

P.S. This one is pretty banging too. Very Mad Men-esque. Don Draper couldn't resist me in this one. :)

Shiny Studio Dress also by Zara

TV Thursday

We are one day away from the weekend people!! I don't have weekend plans that I am looking forward to, I'm just really needing some free time. More specifically, me time. I'm sure I always seem like I'm needing "me time", but I do. I'm not someone that has ever been happy co-habitating with someone and marriage is no different. It sucks. I won't get into all that again. We've both been grumpy and need some relaxed at home time doing our own things.

As usual I have attempted to set some goals for myself for this weekend. We all know I am highly unlikely to accomplish very much but good intentions count for something too, right?

Weekend Goals

1. Start and read a good bit of either The Night Circus or The Family Fang.

2. Lay out by the pool at least one day.

3. Get a manicure and maybe get a tanning membership

4. Cook a delicious meal.

5. Clean the bathroom area and get a new dirty clothes hamper.

6. Start a light exercise routine. (just sit ups, lunges and squats, maybe even some light jogging)

7. Write thank you notes

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I will accomplish some of this! I'm the world's worst procrastinator! I've really got to start being more present in life. Do things, be active and enjoy life a little more. I stay so trapped in my own head and thoughts that I let days pass before I realize I really just haven't been present. So, to counteract that behavior, I set goals and then feel guilty when I don't achieve them. Sounds like a good plan, huh? Blech. Life is a vicious circle. 

Anywho! Here's a few random things that have happened since yesterday:

1. ShyGuy sent me a few messages this morning basically whining that I didn't come up this weekend. Saying things like "what I did this weekend wasn't nearly as much fun as what we would've done". Oh really, weirdo? Why did you start all that shit about feeling guilty then? I'm going to need him to grow up a little bit more. I've gotten too old to play silly games.

2. My co-worker set up two dates last night with guys she met on a dating website. She had previously slept with one of them but set up a back up date in case he stood her up, (or maybe she was planning to sleep with them both, who knows.). Either way, they both stood her up. Can you imagine being so undesirable that two men off a dating website won't even fuck you? Gross.

3. I finally watched New Girl and GleeGlee was amazing of course. Quinn was a little scary but really she looked pretty smoking hot as a "skank". New Girl will most likely be my new favorite show. I already suspected it would be, but now I know. Zooey D. was hilarious and I would kill to hang out with her for a day! Also, I love term "reverse Mormon". I would love to start that religion! OOOHHH!! Light bulb moment! Now that we're losing our religion (since REM broke up), this could be the new one!!!! Too cheesy?? Probably so but, I hate REM and I had to make at least one crack. Seriously, they are awful. I should put their songs on my list of things I hate to hear.

4. I bought a new bottle of Essie Nail Polish (Mamba). It looked like a mix between nude and a dusky peach in the bottle. However, it's basically the exact color of my skin so I keep looking down and thinking I have no fingernails. I do like it, though. It's just kind of weird.

5. I also watched the Teen Mom finale. All I've got to say is Garry is fucking hilarious. Unintentionally, of course. I haven't laughed as hard as I did when he started singing and playing the guitar in a very long time. I'm glad Amber "completes him", though. Ryan and Maci were a mess too. It's so obvious he loves her. He didn't even totally rule out getting back with her when Dr. Drew asked him on the Teen Dad special. (Of course I watched that.) Just tell her you love her and treat her right! People will stop calling you a douchebag then!

Enjoy your Thursday! It's the best TV night of the week. The Big Bang Theory and The Office season premieres are tonight!

Love and flesh colored nails,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall TV

I've waited on this week all summer long. My shows are finally back! Premier week should be considered for national holiday status as far as I'm concerned. I'm anxious to get back to my familiar shows but, there are some new ones that I have high hopes for. What will you be watching?

Returning Shows I'm Watching:

1. The Office- I am super anxious to see how the show will be with Steve Carell gone. I have a major boner for James Spader, though, so it should be good.

2. The Big Bang Theory- Best show on TV. Way to go Jim Parsons!! If anyone earned an Emmy this year, it was you!

3. Parks and Recreation- I got hooked on this show on Netflix this summer. We bought the DVDs for last season recently and are finishing it up before we start this season.

4. Glee- This is bittersweet. I can't believe some of the cast will be gone after this year!

5. Bones- I got messed up and missed all of last season so I'll just be Tivo-ing these until last season comes out.

New Shows:

1. The New Girl- Hello, it's Zooey D. 'Nuff said.

2. Whitney- Whitney Cummings is one of my preferred panel members at Comedy Central Roasts and on Chelsea Lately so this could have some potential. I don't think it's got a long run ahead of it but maybe she can make some money finally.

3. 2 Broke Girls- Kat Dennings. Again, 'nuff said.

4. Pan-Am- Well, I like Christina Ricci and I've always wanted to be a flight attendant, SCORE!

We (hubs and me) also really want to watch Modern Family and The Middle but we want to start from the beginning.

The only show I watched last year that didn't make it was Outsourced. It started out slow and I guess that hurt it but it truly got hilarious by the finale. Manmeat and Gupta, I will forever miss you.

Love and TV guides,

List # 2 Double Feature

I'm feeling a little too lazy (stoned) today to be creative and make my own list, so I'm "stealing" some list ideas from SoulPancake. (Go there to check out my favorite section, Life's Little Lists) Seriously. None of this was me. It was all them. Honestly, I will probably "cheat off their test" many times because they're so darned fantastic and damn I do love a list! Rainn Wilson is a complete genius and the website is such a clever idea. It will definitely freshen up your outlook on life. You all know how tightly I like to keep a grip on my hidden identity (like a nun with her virginity) so that's why I'll be posting my lists on my blog. Thank you very much and with further ado I give you


1. My husband does all the laundry.

2.  I can command a milkshake at any given
 moment and my devoted husband will make one.

3. I hate eggs and mayonnaise so my father in law goes out of his
 way to not cook with them, even though I think certain
meals would be better with them. He also chops up my salad.
They're a strange group of people.

4. I like to drink out of one certain glass when I am at my
parents house so they always make sure it's
clean before I get there. I sometimes wonder if they even use it at all.


1. Birds chirping- I don't own bird feeders. We don't have lots of trees and
I've even gone so far as to buy a dummy owl to scare chirpy little birds away

2. Whistling- In fact I hate this so much
 that even writing it is pissing me off.

3. The toilet running- Is it really that hard to
remember to jiggle the handle people??

4. A cat gagging- Hairballs are the one
 drawback to owning a cat.

Okay, those are a lot less entertaining that I expected. Oh well. Enjoy them anyway!

Love and Rainn,

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

Required Listening:
Livin' On A Prayer- Bon Jovi (Because we're halfway there, get it???)

Someone throw something at me!! Ugh, when did I get so lame and cheesy??  Hopefully, I'm just sleepy. I ended up being a little later getting home last night than I expected then I got woken up by multiple sources at 5:58 am. My mood will probably go south before the day is up. I apologize ahead of time for any maniacal rant I might post later. It's mid week, I can make it. Now for some happy news. I HAD A FANTASTIC TIME LAST NIGHT! My mother was actually relaxed and not acting like the bitchy lunatic she's been lately. We had a delicious seafood dinner at one of the oldest restaurants downtown. I would tell you the name but it's recently been featured in a HUGE movie. I can't lose my anonymity! :) I sadly, did not get a good picture of my outfit but I got many compliments on my shoes and shirt and even more jealous stares. I absolutely rocked the effortless, trendy glam that has been all over fashion week. (Sorry to sound so cocky! Actually, no. I'm not sorry at all! :) If you've got it, WERK IT!) The new earrings I mentioned yesterday didn't come in soon enough to be worn but, they were waiting on me (with a new skirt) when I got home last night. Aren't they great????

                                                               Earrings by  Urban Outfitters     
I think this is a good day for me to work on a new list for y'all. Might as well, I don't have any work to do today. Literally, nothing. Thank you baby Jesus for iPhones with Kindle apps, the internets, and fun office supplies. Otherwise I might lose my shit up in here one day!!!!

Happy Wednesday! Get in the spirit and HUMP! :)

Love and love and love,

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Theatrical Tuesday

Required Listening:
Supermodel- Jill Sobule  (I'm still on a Clueless kick after yesterday's post ♥)

Tuesday. Hmm. There's never really much to say about Tuesday. It's basically an insignificant day. It's not Monday, but it's sure not Friday either. Lucky for me this Tuesday means my mom and her friend are coming down to go to dinner and a play. We bought season tickets at the theater in the city I live in and they will make the commute in from our smaller hometown. I love live entertainment so I'm pretty pumped about play season starting. Tonight is Peter Pan. It's always been a favorite story of mine and to top it off former gymnast, Cathy Rigby, is playing Peter. I know you are all gymnastics buffs like me and understand my excitement. (insert sarcasm here) As fun as all this sounds, I wouldn't be me if I wasn't the most excited about my outfit. Currently my plan is to wear the white shoulderless button up I previously posted, black super skinnies and the new suede booties I got this weekend. I'm going to carry my new color block clutch for a pop of color. A black and white version of this:

(She's so cute! Check out her blog, Song of Style here.)

I know It's ridiculous to be this excited about how I'm going to look but, I'm a girl, sue me. I should always be as fierce as possible at all times! Rawr!! :)

Good luck making something out of your Tuesday!

Love and Curtain calls,

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shout out to!

I say a silently thank you every day to the ladies that have brought us HelloGiggles. Without them, I would have been more productive at work but never know what a Diva Cup (Thanks, but that's just too nasty) is or where to get a huge Gummi Bear night light. The articles never cease to entertain and usually inform me. Who doesn't want to reminisce about Saved by the Bell and The Babysitter's Club books or get tips on nail polish and easy to make dinner recipes? I could go on but I'm going to assume everyone has already visited the website, knows what I'm saying and 100% agrees. Ok? Thanks.

I said all that to say that I read a great article today and you should check it out.

Clueless was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw, so that just added to the greatness of the whole thing. I hate
to sound like an old geezer but they just don't make teen movies like they used to. :) So thanks HelloGiggles for making me proud to be a product of the '80s, raised in the oh so sweet '90s.

Love and trees planted by Marky Mark,

(I'm still a little sad about B. Murphy.)

MK and A ♥

These precious little nuggets make my heart sing. I'm obsessed, I know! This isn't the first Olsen pic I'll post and it won't be the last. There just isn't anyone more stylish than MK and A, and now there's a third Olsen sister making waves! I don't see myself ever loving her as much as her big sisters (we've just been together longer, we we're tight even when they were Michelle), but she is absolutely adorable and well on her way to being a trendsetter too. She's a full size version of a fun size candy bar! I can't wait to see Martha Marcy May Marlene and find out if she's as talented as she is fashionable. 

How cute is this pic? It makes me want to have sisters. Well, technically I do have sisters but they are old and estranged and just not at all like this.

(photo credit: Pinterest)

Love and all things Olsen,

Eek! A Ginger!

I'm way past due for a hair appointment. I've got more dark roots than a trailer park of Texas women. Usually my routine is dark brown or auburn hair in the colder months and then blonder highlights in the warmer month. I've got too many cowlicks for bangs or any certain cut so I usually just keep it long and straight. Pretty simple. It's thick and healthy, so I don't fuss with it much. I've been dying for a change lately, though. I've gone auburn plenty of times but the one color I've never gone is a true red. Is it even possible to get such a color without doing major damage to my hair? If so, I think that with my fair skin, freckles and blue eyes I could probably pull it off. Hmm...What do you think? Would I be a fiesty red-head?

Love and henna hues,

List #1 Celebrity Boyfriends

This list is subject to change at the drop of a hat (or panties ha!), but here's my list of fantasy celebrity boyfriends.

1. Jason Momoa

(Did you watch Game of Thrones?? 'Nuff said.)

2. Joe Manganiello

(True Blood's Alcide, Whoa, Mama. This man is pure sex.)

3. Armie Hammer

(I'd prefer that there were two of him and they were always The Winklevoss twins.)

 4. Taylor Kitsch

(Tim Riggins 4 ever!)

5. Seth Rogen

(He's a lovable doof, what can I say?)

6. John Hamm

(He's like a walking cover of GQ.)

7. Rupert Grint

(This is one ginger whose wand I'd LOVE to see! :))

Honorable Mentions:

Lenny Kravitz

(Apparently, Lisa Bonet and I have the EXACT taste in men. He's just so yummy!)

Woody Harrelson

(Especially in Zombieland)

Shemar Moore

(I'd let him arrest me.)

Daren Kagasoff

(Damn, Ricky!)

Jesse Eisenberg

(Basically, I want the entire cast of The Social Network.)

You're welcome! Feel free to go have some "quiet time" now! :)

Love and Day Dreams,

Fun with Friends

My friend and fellow blogger and I have decided to post random lists of random things about ourselves and our lives as a fun weekly(ish) installment. I wish I could give you a link to her blog but that would be too risky with my anonymity. So sorry, Charlie!

While lists are being created, please enjoy this lovely picture of my favorite sisters. I have informally titled this picture:


Monday, Monday

Required Listening:

Get Giddy- Grouplove
(For no particular reason, I heard it this morning and it's stuck in my head now. Enjoy!)

Hello World! I hope your weekend was as fabulous and relaxing as mine was! I did exactly what I wanted and nothing else! I drank Bloody Marys (and a few Purple Hazes) on the beach, with red lipstain, big dangly earrings and my white floppy hat all day Saturday! My husband actually loosened up a little and had a few drinks too. I didn't read a single page in any of the books I took. I opted for green and Bloodys and just watched the waves roll instead. Best decision I've ever made. I just thought up wild scenarios all day and got hundreds of new freckles. My favorite scenario involved me being married to some international secret agent guy (think Daniel Craig as Bond) and we were vacationing on a nude beach in Rio. At this point in the story I would flash a titty at the husband to tease him. It's just too tempting to do such naughty things to him when I'm on my period and know I won't actually have to hump him. Don't hate! Trust me, every girl has or will do this at some point. Anywho, after sobering up a bit, we went to dinner at a new restaurant his parents suggested. Frankly, I just didn't like it. We have a usual place that we go and I was really looking forward to it. I appreciate his parents sending us out for a nice meal but it was loud, hot, bad service and the food wasn't half as good. I don't even care how selfish and ungrateful I sound. I hate bad restaurants! Ok I feel better now. Sometimes I just need pout, ya know??

On the way home the next day we stopped at the outlet mall and I bought a fabulous new pair of suede wedge booties at Nine West and a super cute clutch for fall. I'm in love with these shoes. They are like something Judy Jetson would wear if she became a stripper. I know this because I modeled almost every piece of lingerie I own while wearing them and they really would be perfect for some kinky space station stripper. Lover sure liked how they made the outfits look! :) We exchanged quite a few rousing messages this weekend. He's so delicious and naughty. It still makes me blush every time he sends me a video, though. Holy moly this guy is comfortable with his sexuality! I would be lying if it said I didn't get a little kick out of sending him dirty pictures but I will never make a video! Haha that's just too much for me! However, I am running out of clever new things to say so I'm going to have to think of something! Considering we haven't actually been together in weeks, we don't have any new material to reference. It's amusingly frustrating! I really would've thought in the past that knowing my words and pictures were being jacked off to right that second would've disturbed me. Oddly, it doesn't. It's mildy hot. This could be my vanity speaking but seriously, what woman doesn't want to know that she's desirable enough to be some one's fantasy? Don't hate me because I speak the truth! LOL! Enough of that talk though. I'm shouldn't obsess over someone I rarely see and I would put money on it that I've made my one reader gag and blush all at the same time! haha!

All in all, I had a pretty good weekend. I'm extremely glad I didn't go see ShyGuy. It absolutely would've gotten weird quick and I ended up starting my period on Saturday. (I'm so tired of it coming a week early lately!) The beach and a few good pics of Lover satisfied my boredom enough for now. We'll see how long it lasts! :) Have a good Monday bitches!

Love and smut texts,

Friday, September 16, 2011

What a productive afternoon!

Doodling instead of working=acceptable Friday afternoon behavior.

Who would you invite?

Love and Caviar Dreams,

How I'll make my millions...

That's a monorail built on the rings so you can take trips
orbiting the planet. I'm getting a patent for this idea.


I hope I get a chance to wear my new shirt this weekend.
I'll definitely get a few stares where we're going.

In another life I will be a...

Chew on this

Food for Thought:

Getting married and having a full time job will put you into a strict daily routine whether you like it or not. You can't even fight it. You HAVE to get up and be somewhere at the same time five days a week. You HAVE to dress nicely, so you HAVE to know precisely how long that takes. You eat lunch at the same time, you drive home at the same time, etc etc etc. Five out of seven days are wasted the exact same way. Occasionally, you might have dinner out, or catch a movie or play but not that often. Do you even know how you spend your days? Think about it. Could you change something and make your days worth while or are you satisfied with monotony?

For now, for the most part, I am satisfied with my day to day schedule. I'm lazy by nature and like to smoke weed way too much to ever enjoy being an active member of some sort of extracurricular group. I don't like physical activity (aside from the occasional horizontal tango) so that counts sports out. I would like to live somewhere bigger so I can see more live music. (My current city has virtually NO live music venues) For now though, I'll just have to go to nearby areas and see bands I really like as often as I can. If we do have a baby soon, that will definitely add some spontaneity to my life, but also more routines. I hope I can be a stay at home mom so I can be free to take my child and explore. Off on a tangent again, sorry!

I better go start my daily routine!

Love from 9 to 5,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where's a graphic designer when you need one??

While we're on the subject, let's talk about tattoos. I love them. My mother cried and refused to speak to me for a whole night when I showed her mine. To her, all tattoos could symbolize is rebellion. Maybe it's just the difference in generations, but I think it's acceptable to have tattoos as a form of self expression. Granted, I will probably never sport a huge ornate piece, mostly because I'm far too finicky and indecisive for something like that, but I fully support someone that does. My current tattoo is fairly small, black and on the side of my hip. It's extremely simple and similar to this:

Wouldn't this be badass though??

My tattoo is perfect for me though. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it after a while so I'm glad that I chose a plain and simple design as a "starter" tattoo. I can always go back and spice it up. I would love to add a really colorful design similar to this around it:

No mustache though, please.

The only draw back to my tattoo is the coordinating tattoo that my BFF/EX-BF got at the same time. He has forever etched into his arm a skeleton key that's parts make up my initials in Braille if you connected the dots. (Damn, that sounds lame and cheesy when you say it out loud.) So essentially, this fool has my name inked on his arm. The kicker is that we got the tattoos after we had broken up and my husband and I were already dating. Don't even ask what was going through my head. Thank goodness for the anti-depressants that I started taking around that time. Ok, I'm got off on a tangent. I'm back.

I fully expect my husband to chicken out yet again and not get a tattoo this weekend. I'm pretty ok with that though. He'll probably never get one, but I do see that he's trying to have more in common with me by even considering getting one. So honey, hopefully you aren't ever reading this blog, but thanks for the effort! I'm certainly not getting an infinity design without him though! The Bestie and I have a tattoo date for our concert weekend in October so I'll just have to come up with something else. I've been leaning towards feathers a lot lately. Maybe place one on my ribs? Here's some designs I like:

Phew! Photo overload!

Here'e a few more designs I like and a few in honor of my friend getting her first tattoo:

I'm more interested in a retro fawn design with lots of fun colors and a girly pink bow, but I can't find quite the design I want.

Love and ink guns,

P.S. All photos were found via Google or Pinterest. Sorry if I'm not giving you enough credit or something but it's the internet.