Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rainy Day Blahs

Two-thirds of my long weekend are gone. It's rained unmercifully so I didn't accomplish any of my to-do list. I spent today shopping and watching a Jersey Shore marathon. Eventful, huh? Oh yeah, and I tried out new nail polishes. I'm such a blast in a glass sometimes I don't know how to handle myself!

It's been a good day though. I got some great new things for fall. I've stocked up on so many great pieces lately. I'm really enjoying having no bills to pay, plus I've had major anxiety issues recently. I just get in funks sometimes. No biggie. It'll pass. I really am lucky to have a great husband. He puts up with all of my shit and usually does it with a smile.

My husband really is a great guy. I definitely don't give him enough credit. (He can be a boring stick in the mud sometimes for sure though!) I absolutely do love him, I'm just not crazy about marriage itself. The same goes for my lover. He's not a better guy than Him. He's hot and I love sex without attachment. The end. I know he could never take care of me or our children the way He will. He'd be fun but, I know too much about his bad boy side to ever trust him I think. He's just like me! I would be stupid to trust him. Maybe that should be an addendum to the old saying of "Opposites attract". My life has certainly proved that the saying goes more like, "Opposites attract, but alikes have crazy good sex."  Everything has to have balance, especially your relationships. You need someone that can mellow you out and basically protect you from yourself. Especially, crazy people like me! :) But what if your life isn't that balanced? What if you fall madly in love with someone just like you and you both change. You give up the easy life and have to work longer and harder but your heart feels better? Could that work? My mind takes a different side to this argument every day. I have no idea how to sort this one out. I'm getting a headache just trying to type it out and make some part of it understandable. Time for bed! I've officially been awake enough hours today to not feel like it was a totally wasted day. :)

Love and food for thought,

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