Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

Required Listening:
Livin' On A Prayer- Bon Jovi (Because we're halfway there, get it???)

Someone throw something at me!! Ugh, when did I get so lame and cheesy??  Hopefully, I'm just sleepy. I ended up being a little later getting home last night than I expected then I got woken up by multiple sources at 5:58 am. My mood will probably go south before the day is up. I apologize ahead of time for any maniacal rant I might post later. It's mid week, I can make it. Now for some happy news. I HAD A FANTASTIC TIME LAST NIGHT! My mother was actually relaxed and not acting like the bitchy lunatic she's been lately. We had a delicious seafood dinner at one of the oldest restaurants downtown. I would tell you the name but it's recently been featured in a HUGE movie. I can't lose my anonymity! :) I sadly, did not get a good picture of my outfit but I got many compliments on my shoes and shirt and even more jealous stares. I absolutely rocked the effortless, trendy glam that has been all over fashion week. (Sorry to sound so cocky! Actually, no. I'm not sorry at all! :) If you've got it, WERK IT!) The new earrings I mentioned yesterday didn't come in soon enough to be worn but, they were waiting on me (with a new skirt) when I got home last night. Aren't they great????

                                                               Earrings by  Urban Outfitters     
I think this is a good day for me to work on a new list for y'all. Might as well, I don't have any work to do today. Literally, nothing. Thank you baby Jesus for iPhones with Kindle apps, the internets, and fun office supplies. Otherwise I might lose my shit up in here one day!!!!

Happy Wednesday! Get in the spirit and HUMP! :)

Love and love and love,

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