Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Monday

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Get Giddy- Grouplove
(For no particular reason, I heard it this morning and it's stuck in my head now. Enjoy!)

Hello World! I hope your weekend was as fabulous and relaxing as mine was! I did exactly what I wanted and nothing else! I drank Bloody Marys (and a few Purple Hazes) on the beach, with red lipstain, big dangly earrings and my white floppy hat all day Saturday! My husband actually loosened up a little and had a few drinks too. I didn't read a single page in any of the books I took. I opted for green and Bloodys and just watched the waves roll instead. Best decision I've ever made. I just thought up wild scenarios all day and got hundreds of new freckles. My favorite scenario involved me being married to some international secret agent guy (think Daniel Craig as Bond) and we were vacationing on a nude beach in Rio. At this point in the story I would flash a titty at the husband to tease him. It's just too tempting to do such naughty things to him when I'm on my period and know I won't actually have to hump him. Don't hate! Trust me, every girl has or will do this at some point. Anywho, after sobering up a bit, we went to dinner at a new restaurant his parents suggested. Frankly, I just didn't like it. We have a usual place that we go and I was really looking forward to it. I appreciate his parents sending us out for a nice meal but it was loud, hot, bad service and the food wasn't half as good. I don't even care how selfish and ungrateful I sound. I hate bad restaurants! Ok I feel better now. Sometimes I just need pout, ya know??

On the way home the next day we stopped at the outlet mall and I bought a fabulous new pair of suede wedge booties at Nine West and a super cute clutch for fall. I'm in love with these shoes. They are like something Judy Jetson would wear if she became a stripper. I know this because I modeled almost every piece of lingerie I own while wearing them and they really would be perfect for some kinky space station stripper. Lover sure liked how they made the outfits look! :) We exchanged quite a few rousing messages this weekend. He's so delicious and naughty. It still makes me blush every time he sends me a video, though. Holy moly this guy is comfortable with his sexuality! I would be lying if it said I didn't get a little kick out of sending him dirty pictures but I will never make a video! Haha that's just too much for me! However, I am running out of clever new things to say so I'm going to have to think of something! Considering we haven't actually been together in weeks, we don't have any new material to reference. It's amusingly frustrating! I really would've thought in the past that knowing my words and pictures were being jacked off to right that second would've disturbed me. Oddly, it doesn't. It's mildy hot. This could be my vanity speaking but seriously, what woman doesn't want to know that she's desirable enough to be some one's fantasy? Don't hate me because I speak the truth! LOL! Enough of that talk though. I'm shouldn't obsess over someone I rarely see and I would put money on it that I've made my one reader gag and blush all at the same time! haha!

All in all, I had a pretty good weekend. I'm extremely glad I didn't go see ShyGuy. It absolutely would've gotten weird quick and I ended up starting my period on Saturday. (I'm so tired of it coming a week early lately!) The beach and a few good pics of Lover satisfied my boredom enough for now. We'll see how long it lasts! :) Have a good Monday bitches!

Love and smut texts,

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