Thursday, September 22, 2011

TV Thursday

We are one day away from the weekend people!! I don't have weekend plans that I am looking forward to, I'm just really needing some free time. More specifically, me time. I'm sure I always seem like I'm needing "me time", but I do. I'm not someone that has ever been happy co-habitating with someone and marriage is no different. It sucks. I won't get into all that again. We've both been grumpy and need some relaxed at home time doing our own things.

As usual I have attempted to set some goals for myself for this weekend. We all know I am highly unlikely to accomplish very much but good intentions count for something too, right?

Weekend Goals

1. Start and read a good bit of either The Night Circus or The Family Fang.

2. Lay out by the pool at least one day.

3. Get a manicure and maybe get a tanning membership

4. Cook a delicious meal.

5. Clean the bathroom area and get a new dirty clothes hamper.

6. Start a light exercise routine. (just sit ups, lunges and squats, maybe even some light jogging)

7. Write thank you notes

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I will accomplish some of this! I'm the world's worst procrastinator! I've really got to start being more present in life. Do things, be active and enjoy life a little more. I stay so trapped in my own head and thoughts that I let days pass before I realize I really just haven't been present. So, to counteract that behavior, I set goals and then feel guilty when I don't achieve them. Sounds like a good plan, huh? Blech. Life is a vicious circle. 

Anywho! Here's a few random things that have happened since yesterday:

1. ShyGuy sent me a few messages this morning basically whining that I didn't come up this weekend. Saying things like "what I did this weekend wasn't nearly as much fun as what we would've done". Oh really, weirdo? Why did you start all that shit about feeling guilty then? I'm going to need him to grow up a little bit more. I've gotten too old to play silly games.

2. My co-worker set up two dates last night with guys she met on a dating website. She had previously slept with one of them but set up a back up date in case he stood her up, (or maybe she was planning to sleep with them both, who knows.). Either way, they both stood her up. Can you imagine being so undesirable that two men off a dating website won't even fuck you? Gross.

3. I finally watched New Girl and GleeGlee was amazing of course. Quinn was a little scary but really she looked pretty smoking hot as a "skank". New Girl will most likely be my new favorite show. I already suspected it would be, but now I know. Zooey D. was hilarious and I would kill to hang out with her for a day! Also, I love term "reverse Mormon". I would love to start that religion! OOOHHH!! Light bulb moment! Now that we're losing our religion (since REM broke up), this could be the new one!!!! Too cheesy?? Probably so but, I hate REM and I had to make at least one crack. Seriously, they are awful. I should put their songs on my list of things I hate to hear.

4. I bought a new bottle of Essie Nail Polish (Mamba). It looked like a mix between nude and a dusky peach in the bottle. However, it's basically the exact color of my skin so I keep looking down and thinking I have no fingernails. I do like it, though. It's just kind of weird.

5. I also watched the Teen Mom finale. All I've got to say is Garry is fucking hilarious. Unintentionally, of course. I haven't laughed as hard as I did when he started singing and playing the guitar in a very long time. I'm glad Amber "completes him", though. Ryan and Maci were a mess too. It's so obvious he loves her. He didn't even totally rule out getting back with her when Dr. Drew asked him on the Teen Dad special. (Of course I watched that.) Just tell her you love her and treat her right! People will stop calling you a douchebag then!

Enjoy your Thursday! It's the best TV night of the week. The Big Bang Theory and The Office season premieres are tonight!

Love and flesh colored nails,

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