Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of a Dying Breed

I have good news and bad news. Bad news first. I'm not going to go visit ShyGuy this weekend due to him getting emotional. The good news however, is that there are still a few decent guys out there! ShyGuy has given me hope that all my single ladies can find a decent guy that we won't have to pull a "Goodbye Earl" on. (I've forgotten how to correctly type a song title. You know what I mean.) ShyGuy really is one of a dying breed of good guys. Kudos to him! Blah blah, I care and shit.

I really don't, though. It's always the same old song and dance with this fool. One minute he's DTF and the next he's got a "guilty conscience" or some shit. Puhleeze! He wasn't that worried about his conscience when we hooked up in my husband's house days before the wedding, was he? It was hot and dirty, just as this weekend would have been. Here's what I really thinking about his "guilty conscience", he's lying. Yep. He's not worried about how bad it would be to hook up with a married woman at all. He's concerned with his own happiness and comfort. He's worried about the two of us actually being together non-stop for 36 hours. I know how ludicrous this all sounds. Like I said before, we've never spent the night together. Ever. He's stayed late, we've hung out in bed watching TV all day, but he had a crazy strict mom that he lived with and had a curfew even while he was in college. Him not ever spending the night actually became a little issue with us. We had a big falling out once over him thinking his mom would find out he stayed the night so he just stood me up instead. I wouldn't even bring this embarrassing tidbit up but I had to use it as proof. He's worried about staying together for two nights.

I almost agree that the thought of spending such a great amount of solid time together does sound a bit awkward. I mentioned this to my one friend that knows of this situation. It's understandable knowing our history. He should've just said that! Instead, he starts talking about hurting Husband, and feeling bad and other girly shit but he never once said don't come. No, he was singing the tune of "I know it's not right, but I want you, so maybe you could just stay Friday night". Uh, say what? After his crazy ass was the one that specifically wanted me to stay two nights? I'm going to give him a little credit here. That was almost a slick move. Play the emotions card, but still make the girl feel desired so that when you "give in" she thinks she's so hot that you changed your moral standards for her. I bet there's some girl, somewhere that would fall for that trick, but you're messing with the master, Young Grasshopper. I'm pretty sure I taught you that trick. You delivered it nicely though. However, next time, when the plan isn't working like you thought, don't get to the begging stage. ("That's not what I meant", "Please still come stay with me", "I"m sorry, I really want to see you") It makes you look pathetic. Just take your loss and next time, step up your game.

I'm going to the beach now, instead. Husband with a condo on the beach will always trump grad student with intimacy issues.

Have a good Thursday people!

Love and cocktails on the beach,

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