Monday, September 19, 2011

Eek! A Ginger!

I'm way past due for a hair appointment. I've got more dark roots than a trailer park of Texas women. Usually my routine is dark brown or auburn hair in the colder months and then blonder highlights in the warmer month. I've got too many cowlicks for bangs or any certain cut so I usually just keep it long and straight. Pretty simple. It's thick and healthy, so I don't fuss with it much. I've been dying for a change lately, though. I've gone auburn plenty of times but the one color I've never gone is a true red. Is it even possible to get such a color without doing major damage to my hair? If so, I think that with my fair skin, freckles and blue eyes I could probably pull it off. Hmm...What do you think? Would I be a fiesty red-head?

Love and henna hues,

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