Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where's a graphic designer when you need one??

While we're on the subject, let's talk about tattoos. I love them. My mother cried and refused to speak to me for a whole night when I showed her mine. To her, all tattoos could symbolize is rebellion. Maybe it's just the difference in generations, but I think it's acceptable to have tattoos as a form of self expression. Granted, I will probably never sport a huge ornate piece, mostly because I'm far too finicky and indecisive for something like that, but I fully support someone that does. My current tattoo is fairly small, black and on the side of my hip. It's extremely simple and similar to this:

Wouldn't this be badass though??

My tattoo is perfect for me though. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it after a while so I'm glad that I chose a plain and simple design as a "starter" tattoo. I can always go back and spice it up. I would love to add a really colorful design similar to this around it:

No mustache though, please.

The only draw back to my tattoo is the coordinating tattoo that my BFF/EX-BF got at the same time. He has forever etched into his arm a skeleton key that's parts make up my initials in Braille if you connected the dots. (Damn, that sounds lame and cheesy when you say it out loud.) So essentially, this fool has my name inked on his arm. The kicker is that we got the tattoos after we had broken up and my husband and I were already dating. Don't even ask what was going through my head. Thank goodness for the anti-depressants that I started taking around that time. Ok, I'm got off on a tangent. I'm back.

I fully expect my husband to chicken out yet again and not get a tattoo this weekend. I'm pretty ok with that though. He'll probably never get one, but I do see that he's trying to have more in common with me by even considering getting one. So honey, hopefully you aren't ever reading this blog, but thanks for the effort! I'm certainly not getting an infinity design without him though! The Bestie and I have a tattoo date for our concert weekend in October so I'll just have to come up with something else. I've been leaning towards feathers a lot lately. Maybe place one on my ribs? Here's some designs I like:

Phew! Photo overload!

Here'e a few more designs I like and a few in honor of my friend getting her first tattoo:

I'm more interested in a retro fawn design with lots of fun colors and a girly pink bow, but I can't find quite the design I want.

Love and ink guns,

P.S. All photos were found via Google or Pinterest. Sorry if I'm not giving you enough credit or something but it's the internet.

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