Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scent Triggers

I had what I can only describe as a "scented deja vu" today. Here I was, sitting at my desk, pretending I'm diligently working and WHAM! Out of nowhere I get a whiff of something, my chest tightens up and I could swear if I turned around *George would be standing behind me wearing the same cologne he always wore. The smell wasn't even that strong. I doubt the girl five feet away from me even noticed it.

So now I'm wondering if there was actually a smell? Is there every really a smell when this happens? Is my brain misfiring or melting or some other freaky medical phenomenon?? I mean, this has happened to me before, but I need to know why! To make matters even more complicated, I only ever think of two people when I do have these moments, George and **G.I. Joe.

For the longest time, and I do mean years, I only had these recognitions about George's cologne, then one day I got a new whiff. It was G.I. Joe's breath. More specifically, it was his morning breath after he's been drinking beer all night. (Everyone stop gagging! It's actually not that stinky, just very specific.) How random though!! Neither of these guys are even in my time zones! I don't always see them at least once every year! It's not like either smell is something I'm frequently around.

So what gives? How can I remember someone's breath when I can barely remember my pin number??? Maybe I should write Bill Nye a letter. He always knows the answers.

Love and blasts from the past,

*name changed for privacy. Wouldn't you like to know the significance of this guy?? Maybe he'll get his story told one day.

**name also changed for privacy. I pinky promise to tell you all about this one, though! :))))

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