Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekend Plans

Hump Day!!! Well, figuratively speaking anyway. I think I would scream if I had to hump my husband right now. It's just not fun to sleep with the person that you hear farting in the shower every morning. I haven't talked to Lover in almost two weeks, so I'm going to be forced to fire him. He was a good lover while he was in office, and if he's lucky, I'll allow him to make occasional guest appearances in my life. But until then, I'll have to hire someone new. It's a good thing I already have someone in mind. ;)

Although, I seriously considered giving HomeTown another go, I decided he probably can't be trusted and ShyGuy was my best bet. By no means am I discounting what ShyGuy has to offer by not wanting him the most. I promise, he's got PLENTY to offer! :) He's definitely more reserved than Lover, but we've known each other long enough that he drops the shyness and comes out of his shell pretty quickly with me. Considering I'm the first girl he had a real, sexual relationship (one girl, one other time isn't the same as your first fuck buddy) it makes sense that he would be very comfortable with me. He was my sexual Frankenstein. I made him precisely the kind of lover I like and now he's a horny monster that I want to ravish my body!! :) Phew! Sorry about that! I'm getting too excited! We'll blame it on the wake and bake session I had this morning and my thong, because seriously, what's the point of thongs and weed if not to make you horny??

As much as I know that I shouldn't, I will most likely go to visit ShyGuy this weekend. I know, I know. I said Lover would be the only person I cheated on Husband with but, I lied. I won't even pretend that I tried to resist ShyGuy's advances. Nope. He's hot, the sex is hot, I want the sex. Since I'm tracking my ovulation like a science experiment I know that this is the perfect weekend to be unfaithful. I ovulated last weekend so I'm in the clear this weekend. I've even worked out a plausible excuse that covers my ass with my Mother too. ShyGuy wants me to stay two nights but we'll see. Even though we've spent tons of time together, we've never slept over with each other before. We just didn't do that. So I'll have to see how one night goes and how my Husband is acting over the phone before I stay a second night. I do feel a little guilty about all this but I also feel like I've given my life away too early and it got sent to some sort of domestic hell.

Blah blah blah. I could go on with the poor, pitiful me act for hours. I'll spare you. I want to have fun and I'm damn well going to. Having fun in this scenario just so happens to include me rocking this boy's world. End of story. I'm pulling out my naughtiest of lingerie, shaving my whole legs, and going crazy. His rock hard abs, muscular soccer legs and stamina will outweigh the guilt by a narrow margin. :) Damn, is it Friday yet???

Love and lacy teddies,

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