Monday, September 19, 2011

List #1 Celebrity Boyfriends

This list is subject to change at the drop of a hat (or panties ha!), but here's my list of fantasy celebrity boyfriends.

1. Jason Momoa

(Did you watch Game of Thrones?? 'Nuff said.)

2. Joe Manganiello

(True Blood's Alcide, Whoa, Mama. This man is pure sex.)

3. Armie Hammer

(I'd prefer that there were two of him and they were always The Winklevoss twins.)

 4. Taylor Kitsch

(Tim Riggins 4 ever!)

5. Seth Rogen

(He's a lovable doof, what can I say?)

6. John Hamm

(He's like a walking cover of GQ.)

7. Rupert Grint

(This is one ginger whose wand I'd LOVE to see! :))

Honorable Mentions:

Lenny Kravitz

(Apparently, Lisa Bonet and I have the EXACT taste in men. He's just so yummy!)

Woody Harrelson

(Especially in Zombieland)

Shemar Moore

(I'd let him arrest me.)

Daren Kagasoff

(Damn, Ricky!)

Jesse Eisenberg

(Basically, I want the entire cast of The Social Network.)

You're welcome! Feel free to go have some "quiet time" now! :)

Love and Day Dreams,

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