Thursday, September 15, 2011

Presto Change-O

Now that I've changed my weekend plans (beach with the Husband), I figured I should set myself a few weekend goals as an atonement for my previously planned naughtiness. I think I can say I feel a little good about not going to see ShyGuy. (Yes, deep down I do have a soul!!) He would've gotten too emotional and made things weird and the weekend could honestly never live up to the last night I spent with Lover. ShyGuy just doesn't have that amount of raw, magnetic, animalistic passion. (I♥adjectives!) He was set up to fail from the beginning. It really wasn't even fair. I've really got to learn to distinguish my feelings of desire from feelings of boredom. Alas, I've digressed. Without further ado, I give you my weekend goals.

1) I will spend the majority of Saturday in the sun, enjoying life and a good book. (with a few cocktails too!)

2) I will finish at least one book.

3) I will wear one of my fabulous new outfits to dinner Saturday night.

4) I will work diligently to persuade Husband into getting a tattoo. (What? I get a kick out of branding my men.)

5) I will buy a pair of nice dress pants in a long length so I can start wearing heels to work more.

6) I will sleep with Husband, maybe even more than once.

7) I will wear my floppy hat, lip stain and fun earrings on the beach and pretend I am somewhere foreign and delicious. I will create a whole fantasy scenario and stay in character all day while drinking and basically thinking about how fabulous I am. :)

That seems like enough. Hey, I didn't say they would be hard goals. I'm not trying to win a medal or something.

Love and real life fiction,

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