Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 days.

Who doesn't love a long weekend???? I especially love it when it's for a "pretend" holiday. Meaning, I don't have to gather with family and chit-chat like I give a fuck. I can just sit home and drink beer all day like the lazy, moderate alcoholic I am. Yeah, I know that sounds rude and wasteful but I work all week just like everyone else and I deserve to spend my weekend how I want! Phew! Ok, enough ranting!

So even though my main goal is to be as sedentary as possible, I am going to set a few goals for the weekend.

1) I will lay out at least twice this weekend, even if my whiny husband doesn't want to go.

2) I will lay out with red lipstain on, a pair of fabulous earrings and maybe even a floppy hat.

3) I will finish at least one book this weekend.

4) I will actually put some effort into finding my earphones so I can have a soundtrack for my laying out and beer drinking.

5) I will watch at least one Wes Anderson movie, now that I have relocated them all again. (Probably The Darjeeling Limited)

6) I will cook a fantastic meal. I might even make a dessert.

7) I will FINALLY paint the clouds on our rainbow striped Adirondack chairs so my husband will get off my ass about it. He just doesn't understand a creative spirit!

Ok that's plenty! I still want to have some free time! :)

Love and well laid plans,

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