Friday, September 16, 2011

Chew on this

Food for Thought:

Getting married and having a full time job will put you into a strict daily routine whether you like it or not. You can't even fight it. You HAVE to get up and be somewhere at the same time five days a week. You HAVE to dress nicely, so you HAVE to know precisely how long that takes. You eat lunch at the same time, you drive home at the same time, etc etc etc. Five out of seven days are wasted the exact same way. Occasionally, you might have dinner out, or catch a movie or play but not that often. Do you even know how you spend your days? Think about it. Could you change something and make your days worth while or are you satisfied with monotony?

For now, for the most part, I am satisfied with my day to day schedule. I'm lazy by nature and like to smoke weed way too much to ever enjoy being an active member of some sort of extracurricular group. I don't like physical activity (aside from the occasional horizontal tango) so that counts sports out. I would like to live somewhere bigger so I can see more live music. (My current city has virtually NO live music venues) For now though, I'll just have to go to nearby areas and see bands I really like as often as I can. If we do have a baby soon, that will definitely add some spontaneity to my life, but also more routines. I hope I can be a stay at home mom so I can be free to take my child and explore. Off on a tangent again, sorry!

I better go start my daily routine!

Love from 9 to 5,

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