Friday, October 28, 2011


It's hardly been 3 weeks since I swore him off. Things had gotten stale and I just wasn't feeling it anymore with Lover. I've been totally okay with it too. ShyGuy has been entertaining me when I need it and I honestly haven't given much thought to Lover. Until last night. He's like a sexual plague that starts with one simple text message. I should've been strong and not responded but who am I kidding?? I have NO will power. Especially not when it comes to this particular Bieber. I'm a little ashamed of how quickly I got sucked back in.One good full frontal shot and I was back craving his Tommy Lee. He's passing through town on the way to somewhere for a gig and then back through on Sunday or Monday on the way home. Who could resist that? Better question, who would want to pass on steamy, wild, monkey sex with a blond god? Not this white girl. No way. I wanted on that shit for a long time, once I got it I loved it and I'm a greedy American. More is more! One nudie pic and I was sent over the edge. So I guess if it can be worked out (stories, time lines etc. Having an affair is like doing a science experiment. Will it create something great or will it blow up in my face and singe my eyebrows off.?) I will be balls deep in blonde hair before Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT! But like life, there's a few downfalls.

1) I can't remember if I've fully explained how I know him. He plays bass in a band that my ex-bf and current bff (super weird situation but remember who's talking. It's typical) used to be in. So they've been friends for years and years. The Ex-BF/BFF would probably be devastated to find out that we've got a little sumpin' sumpin' going on. It's no secret that the ex is still in love with me. (Can you blame him?) He would hate us both. He'd eventually forgive me but never him and honestly he doesn't have enough friends for me to be taking them away. To make matters worse he was having lunch with one of Lover's room mates and possibly Lover himself today. I can't catch a break sometimes.

2) I guess really this isn't a downfall but it's a weird occurrence. Like I've said Lover is extremely skilled at dirty text messages. Well, the son of a bitch is equally as skilled at sending emotionally charged ones. Not only does he tell me the filthy, delicious things he's going to do to me but he tells me things like he misses me and wishes he could see me everyday. He's even gone so far as to tell me I'm perfect, his drug and *get ready for this* that we will be together for a long time, no matter who we were with, I'm his. What do you say back to that?? I don't require all the sugar coating, it's nice and it makes matters even better but we both know it's not necessary.  *** LIGHTBULB MOMENT*** I bet I could make him say the dirty "L" word. No, I don't me lesbian. I made ShyGuy turn into a complete freak, is this really any different? It's the same thing in reverse. He's already a freak in the sheets, can I turn him soft and break his heart? He's already half-way there. Seriously, I've never been held all night by a boy that I had crazy sex with that didn't love me at least a little. (Not counting that one time with HomeTown, although he did turn out to have feelings for me.) He's even gotten a little choked up during sex once and begged me to let him have me again. WE WEREN'T DONE WITH THE FIRST GO ROUND! We'll just see, though. I may have to contemplate this little personal wager for a while longer.

So who knows what this weekend might bring. Hopefully, it will have at least a little fun and naughty time with him. Sweet ole "dick in hand", as my friend calls him. Hey, a dick in the hand is worth one in the bush right?? :)

Love and repeat offenses,

P.S. Oh shit. I forgot I told ShyGuy I would come see him Saturday night after his soccer game... Oops! Sorry honey, you'll always be second fiddle.

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