Monday, October 24, 2011


I've become a slack blogger. What can I say, though? Life gets in the way. My co-worker is still out and the last two weekends have been super busy. Granted, one was A LOT more fun than the other.

Here's a little recap of my madcap life:

-Two weekends ago I spent time with one of my sweet Besties and one of her Besties. I had doubts about how things would go but I had a blast. I'm not really a fan of having many girl friends but she was sweet and awkwardness did not ensue. (Well, aside from the good kind of awkwardness that 3 nerdy girls are bound to cause) We all got new tattoos. It was my friend's first one and she was super brave! I acted like my foot was being cut off! Oh well. We saw a Cold War Kids show and a great band opened for them, The Givers. They were freaking amazing! I love any band that has a bad ass girl in it! I also dyed my hair dark. It was my first time ever doing a home dye job (I have TONS of hair so I've always been too scared to try) but with some help it turned out great! We also went to a really great little vintage shop where we bought lots of fabulous shoes and I even bought a vintage wedding dress. No, I have no idea what I will actually do with it but I guarantee it will be grand!

-Nothing great happened over the next week. Just work, work, work.

-My lovely husband had his wisdom teeth out on Friday so I spent this whole weekend taking care of the world's biggest baby. I would've been a horrible RN. I have no patience, a weak stomach and I'm a worry wart. Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

-I returned to work today to a huge mess. I only missed half a day on Friday and somehow my boss managed to make a mess that will take me all day to sort out. ugh. Lucky me.

Hopefully I will be able to catch up and post more this week. I do have a weird story/rant about ShyGuy to share. :)

Love and busy days,

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