Thursday, October 13, 2011

Craft Corner- Metallic Collar Button Ups

This weekend I am headed north to visit the Bestie. I can't wait! I've been needing a good girls weekend for a while now. The weekend will be filled with laughs, good food, even better drinks, gossiping, watching The Big Bang Theory, a Cold War Kids show, antique shopping, nail painting and most importantly crafting! My craft of the weekend will be making a metallic collar for a button-up shirt.

Like this but wrapped in gold fabric not studs.
I found the idea Here at a blog I follow daily, Because I'm Addicted. It's a really cute blog and they made this DIY project look so easy! I can't wait to get started! What a great way to make an old white button-up fun again! Get your glue guns ready girls!

Love and fresh looks,

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