Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Required Listening:

Someone Like You-Adele
She Will (Ft. Drake)- Lil Wayne

Happy Wednesday People! It's hump day! We're officially crawling towards the weekend now! So I'm sure you're all wondering what the hell was going through my head when I picked today's required listening. Well, truthfully Adele came on thanks to shuffle and I love to hear myself echoing in the bathroom. So I hit repeat and belted it out while I was getting ready for work. By the time I got in my car I was teetering on depressed. What was I thinking? I'm too hormonal from surfing the crimson wave to listen to shit like that. Now I'm a fucking wreck before work!! Stupid stupid stupid!!! So I did the one logical thing to do. I sent lines from the song ("Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead") to the ex boyfriend that was voted "Most Likely to Slit His Wrists" and turned Lil Wayne on. (Sorry you had to wake up to that one buddy, you're just such an easy target though! It's not like you won't forgive me.) Needless to say, my mood instantly lifted.

So today, I want to extend a Thank You to the rap world. You have truly made a mark on my life.
Without you I would've never learned how to pimp big! But thanks to you I can slap hoes and roll tight blunts with the best of them! Thanks to your videos I know my ass will always look better in a neon g-string and if I ever go on a drive-by I'll be sure to cock my gun to the side before I shoot.

Hahahaha I kid, I kid! (Well, sort of)

Seriously though, my sex life would've never been the same without rap songs. Laugh if you want, but I dare you to find a sexually active person who at some point hasn't gotten laid to a filthy ass rap song.
I know I have! I can't count how many times I dropped my panties to "Slow Motion" and "Superman" in high school alone and let's not forget the bootyfest that was 2008 when "Lollipop" dropped. Good Lawd!

So Rap gods, I salute you. Way less ass would've been tapped without you.

Love and thumping bass,

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