Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Hypothetical Relationship

Required Listening: 

Sometime Around Midnight by the Airborne Toxic Event

      Do you like blondes? Shaggy haired blondes that make you think of Hanson and how much you innocently wanted them to ravish you? I do. Everytime, I do.

      He has bad idea written all over him..."But he plays the bass in the band" , says the devil. "But it's the same band your ex was in" , says the angel. "But there's always been that sexual tension", says the devil. "But you have a husband", says the angel. But, But, But...

      I know you, you'll finish your wine and text him back. Just a friendly response. It could be taken either way. Do you still smoke he says? Hmm. Is that what this is all about? Is that our one common ground, surely not. Are you sowing the hydro garden in your closet again to finance your move? Fine, I'll blow you off for a few weeks. I told you what happened to me. You cared but it didn't take me out of your cross hairs . Let's hang out you said. Smoke party. Have a drink. "Just see me", you mean. So I lie the first lie. Now I'm here with you. In your house. The two of us. It's never just been the two of us. Where's Smiley and Shorty? It's better without them. We should've done this a long time ago. We both wanted it. Did you really just hold me all night? What role are you playing in this game?

      Now it's been a while. You left, but we talk. We want. We share the images that make us want. (And have mercy, they're naughty!) We're a good pair, you say. A bad ass one, indeed. No one can know but you want me, you want our bodies together. I want you too. Are you ever gonna come home again? You gave me back the passion for life. I want to go and see and do and love and lose and win and fight and shine again. I want you... I want you! I REALLY FUCKING WANT YOU TO COME SEE ME, YOU ASSHOLE! Make or break this feeling I'm having for you. It's wrong to want what I want, but will I get it? Can you give it to me? Will you give me that escape from this?

Love and true longing,

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